Over 125 years of only 
the finest cooked meats

Our story started back in 1888 when Frank King opened up a Butchers Stall in Wigans famous Market Hall. Mr King's stall went from strength to strength and quickly gained a reputation for quality and service, especially his home cooked meats.

Just as Frank King did 125 years ago we still manufacture the finest full muscle products, surpassing the quality of our competitors whilst keeping the price comparable

We do this by combining traditional methods and recipes which have been passed from generation to generation with new technology and ideas.

Building on our proud heritage


Frank King opens a butchers stall in Wigan's famous Market Hall.


The companies ownership leaves the Kings family when an employee acquires the shares.


John Hamer takes full control of the Kings brand as it continues to grow in size.


£3 million reinvestment started, including our 20,000 sq ft BRC AA graded factory.


Now employing over 120 people across many areas including NPD.